How Does Shipping Your Car Work?

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Step 1: Where Are You Shipping Your Car From?

The first thing to note when moving your vehicle is what location you are transporting your car from.  Some areas are hard to get to for some auto shippers so make sure to be accurate for a more accurate quote.

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Step 2: Where Are You Shipping Your Car To?

The next most important criteria is your destination.  If you're shipping your car long distances or across state lines you want to make sure you find an auto transport company you can trust.  The companies in our network are all licensed and insured, but make sure to always do your own research on a company before booking.

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Step 3: What Type Of Car Are You Moving?

Last but not least, make sure to have your vehicle details ready and handy!  Each vehicle may have specifics to moving that will affect the overall price you pay.  Make sure to explain whether your car is in working condition or not, it makes a difference!

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Last Step: We Make Auto Transport Easy

Finding a reputable company usually takes you on an endless search of the internet, Yelp, Google, even the Yellow pages.  With the Car Ship Guys, we do the heavy lifting for you, and usually connect you with multiple companies that can service your specific route.

It doesn't take long to find a reputable company, usually within a few minutes you'll have multiple quotes to go over.

We will always keep your best interests in mind.  For us, customer experience is the most important factor when matching auto shippers.  Auto transport companies are not known to be the most friendly, but we pride ourselves on the network we built.



* is an auto shipping matching service.  We don't currently own any trucks, but we hope to one day!  We have a wide network of auto shipping companies in our network which makes it easier to find a nationwide shipper that can service your specific local or long distance route, for the best possible price!